Saturday, January 2, 2010

Walking on Sunshine

What makes a beautiful home? The design, color, building materials all contribute in making one's home beautiful. Careful and detailed planning is needed to make sure that the design, color and materials match each other.

The kind of floor tile one chooses for the house is important. Tiles come in different kinds, shapes, colors and designs. They are attractive and easy to clean. Stone floor tiles create a feeling of luxury, depending upon the kind. Marble tiles are the most formal while the flagstone type are informal. Ceramic tiles are very popular but most types can be slippery. Vinyl tiles are inexpensive and are easy to install but not as durable compared to other kinds of floor tiles. Then there is the mosaic, porcelain, terrazzo, wood, glass and a lot more to choose from, depending upon one's choice and style.

Walking on a beautifully designed floor and attractive floor tile is like walking on sunshine... it makes you feel good.

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Glampinoy said...

Must be a glamorous home. Happy new year!


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