Saturday, January 16, 2010

Amazing Photo Effects

I love taking pictures and most of them are posted here in my blog.

I especially love the photo effects on the pictures I post online and so I am always in search for websites where I can transform a simple picture into something unique, creative and eye-catching.

This morning, I found a fantastic website where I can create different artistic photo effects. And take note, they are for free! The website has over a hundred photo effects available and they make new designs everyday. Therefore, you will never run out of creative stuff from which to choose from.

Whether you are looking for online funny photo effects, a scenic background, retro or contempory design, or you want to create funny photo designs, or just about any design you can think of, the website is right for you.

The unique photos you are seeing in this page were all done using the designs from, the website I am talking about. I had fun choosing from among the different unique photo effects available today.

If you want to come up with impressive photos, or you want people to notice even a simple shot, you need to have some creativity with the use of photo effects. Want to make funny photo designs? You know where to look for.

As I have mentioned before - the website has new photo effects available everyday.

So, have fun with your camera, make creative photo effects and enjoy sharing them with your friends.


Adrian said...

Great pictures mate. i like it. lol!

Ms. Law said...

thanks for sharing the websites..di kasi ako marunong mag photo effects..

Ms. Law said...

yehey i've applied fancy effect also to my own photo kakatuwa :) have you read our Law school Hymn in my blog :)

jimdaniel said...

You can add effects to your photos at without installed software


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