Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Weekend Full of Blessings

Our Weekend Memoirs

Yes, my dear friends, I have so much to be thankful for this weekend.

I received a bagful of Christmas goodies from my friend, Marlene.
She's a close friend of mine way back in the Philippines but she's now in CA.
Inside the Christmas box were blouses, a skirt, two pairs of blue jeans,
a pair of slacks, trinket in a red pouch, and a bag.
Underneath the clothing, there were six small gift-wrapped items
which she instructed me not to open 'til Christmas day.

I am excited to open my gifts on Christmas day.

Another blessing came this afternoon....
Our grades for the Fall Term 2009 just came out.
I got straight A's.

Yes, GOD is GOOD all the time!

Just a "Thank You" is a mighty powerful prayer.
It says it all.
-Rosie Cash


Ebie said...

Blessings come in different forms. You have friends that care for you, and think about your well-being. Congratulations Ms Straight A stude! A lot of people are proud of your.

Cheers for the holiday season!

Willa said...

Wow! so many people really do love you!
As for snow, if you want to see lots of it, just go to Michigan or Ohio, after that, you might never want to see a snow anymore!

chubskulit said...

You are so blessed with caring and generous friends, that reflects how caring you are to others.

Fun with the Snow

Joops said...

It is so nice to have thoughtful friends! Thanks for the visit and here to wish you a happy holidays!

luna miranda said...

you're lucky to have such thoughtful friends. congrats for the straight A's---go out and treat yourself!:p

Arlene said...

This is a charming post of yours, Rai. You are one suck lucky girl to have a friend like that. Am getting excited for you as you wait for Christmas day aron ma open mo na mga gifts mo. hehehe

Opss congrats for the straight As too! Bright ka gid!

Thank you for playing this weekend.


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