Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Student's Weekend

Our Weekend Memoirs

I go to school from Monday to Thursday, so I used to consider Friday as the official start of my weekend. Lately, however, my whole week is spent on schoolwork so I do not really look forward to the coming of the weekend. I am at my happiest when I am in school and I enjoy spending time in class.

In my Domestic Relations (Family Law) class, we formed a study group. For two Saturdays in a row, I have been meeting with my group mates at the Broward County Library at the North Campus of Broward College. It is a spacious and comfortable place for study and discussion.

Yesterday, before going to the library, Noelle and I met at the Coconut Creek Promenade. There was a Christmas event at the complex (complete with fake snow) so the place was very festive. I accompanied Noelle to Sur La Table where she bought some baking stuff and then we headed off for a healthy lunch at my favorite Salad Creations.

I took these shots at the second floor of the parking building.
Can you see Ms Christmas Tree crossing the street?
I know it's kinda small so you may need to use a magnifying
glass to be able to spot her. haha!

For dessert, I introduced Noelle to Allegria, a frozen yogurt and cupcake haven.

That's my chocolate flavored non-fat yogurt

I love their strawberry meringue cupcake

Noelle loves the red velvet.
She said it's the best cupcake she's had- ever!

Taking pictures is prohibited inside the library
but here I am taking a sneak shot of the statute books. LOL!

That's Noelle. She's an angel!


I spent the entire day inside my own private library here at home (one of these days, I will take a picture of the entire room so you will see my most favorite part of the house). Tomorrow will be our final exams at Domestic Relations and I still have tons of reading to do. I am just taking a break to post my weekend memoirs.....

my work table

when I am not studying, I am at Facebook.

It is a chilly night so the aircon is not on.
I opened the glass window to let the cool, fresh air in.

This is the view from my window.
You can see the lake with the fountain in the middle.
There is a screen blocking the view from the window
so it is not very clear.

more fountain shots...

That is how I spent my weekend.

Now it's time to hit the books again. See you next weekend!


Ebie said...

I do not know if I consider this a fun weekend, but there is intense reading and studying! At least you get a break and savor those yummy sweets!
Good luck with your finals, I know you will have flying colors!

Zeee said...

Awww I wouldn't consider all that studying a fun weekend BUT if it is spent with friends then I may have to reconsider... good luck with your finals! :)

chubskulit said...

the yogurt looks delish. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend msRay..


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