Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birth Talk

My birthday is on September 15. My mother, uncles and my late grandmother who were at the hospital when my mother gave birth, always tell this story: The doctor said I was a "spotless" baby with very fair and pinkish complexion and nicknamed me "Pinky". Lola also said that the nursery was full at that time so the nurses made me share a crib with another baby who was born with a cleft palate. When my late grandfather came to view his first grandchild for the first time, he was shocked to see a baby with a cleft palate (he thought it was me). Lolo was so mad and he demanded that I be transferred to another crib. They also said that a day or two after I was born, I had a "menstruation".

I was the first grandchild in my paternal side of the family, and the first granddaughter in my mother's side. Being a special baby, my parents named me after my two grandfathers, Raymundo (maternal grandfather) and Ricardo (paternal grandfather), a unique combination which is oftentimes mistaken as a masculine name.


redamethyst said...

hello. september is a common birthday month for my friends. ewan ko ba dame kong friends na virgoean.
for sure very loved ka ng both sides of your parents.
have a great weekend

Ebie said...

Now I know that your name is a coined word, and you must be a very special child!

Happy Holidays!

MsRay said...

@Ebie: I was laughing when I wrote "special child". I am reminded of another type of special child. heheh!

Ria said...

Now I know why you are Rayri ;)


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