Thursday, November 5, 2009

Space Saver

I like my home spacious and free from clutter. It is not a problem when the area is wide, and there are plenty of room in the house to accommodate all the furniture. However, it also takes careful planning to make your home well-arranged and roomy, especially when you have big furniture and appliances, and your area is not that huge.

We like to have wide flat screen tv but it takes up a lot of space in our homes, too. A good way to save space is by mounting it on the wall. There are a lot of advantages of using wall mounts for your flat panel t.v. They look better and are also great space savers. Moreover, wall mounts are often less expensive than t.v. stands, and depending upon the type of wall mount you choose, some are even adjustable.

The standard fixed wall mount is the most basic type. It allows you to attach your screen in a fixed position within one inch off the wall, like that of a picture frame. This is very ideal when you have very limited space.

Tilting wall mounts allow you to move your screen up or down, depending on whether you want to watch tv while sitting down on your sofa or while lying down. This type of mount is also ideal for small rooms.

The full motion, articulating, and swivel types are very functional and allow you to change the angle and direction of your screen. With these types of mounts, you can even set up your tv in such a way that allows you to view the screen in an adjacent room. An alternative to wall mounts is the ceiling mount, which is also a handy space saver, usually used in bedrooms.

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