Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Skin Talk

We all want to have clear and unblemished skin. Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with a flawless skin. I have my own share of experience with blackheads and whiteheads and there was a time when I had to undergo acne surgery because of a severe allergy as a result of a facial treatment I had in a salon. I am blessed that my dermatologist is a very competent doctor because after she was done with the acne treatment, she got rid of those unsightly blemishes without leaving a scar. From then on, I never let anybody touch my face unless it is from my doctor's skin clinic.

The best way to avoid getting skin allergies and other blemishes is to keep our skin clean by daily washing with water and mild cleanser. Exfoliation is also helpful in removing dead cells. Good health habits like enough sleep and good nutrition also count. And we should be very careful about the stuff that we apply on our face. They can cause allergy and wreck havoc on our skin.

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