Wednesday, November 11, 2009

School Alert

The internet and cellphone are today's most important tools of communication. They are widely used, accessible and fast.

The school alert system or campus mass notification system where time-sensitive and important notices are sent by the school to its students, faculty members and employees, are usually done through the campus website, or sent through e-mail, text messaging or voice messaging, depending upon the recipient's preferences.

This new system of communication used by schools which usually involve alerts on emergency situations, health matters, or cancellation of campus activities or events is fast, convenient, accurate and effective.

When I was attending college in Hawaii, I subscribed to the university's e-mail alerts which was very useful especially during emergency situations like inclement weather. I am now attending school in South Florida and aside from the notices I get from my campus website, I also get alerts directly to my school e-mail.

Gone are the days when we need to dial the school's hotline in order to know whether classes or school activities are cancelled. We now get them right into our inbox or through our cellphone.

(my University of Hawaii inbox)

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