Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Respiratory Guard

Influenza, or what we commonly call the "flu", is an illness caused by viruses that infect our respiratory system. There is usually an epidemic of flu during winter time which is why as early as the month of September, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have already been campaigning for people to get a flu vaccine to protect themselves against this deadly virus.

Not everyone has taken a flu shot so it is very important that we take care of our bodies and make sure our immune system is not weakened by unhealthy habits like staying up late and going to crowded and smoky places. We should cover our mouth and nose when we cough or sneeze to prevent germs from spreading. We should always wash our hands with soap and water. I also carry a sanitizer in my bag so that I can disinfect my hands especially when I am in public places. It is also best to avoid close contact with people who have flu-like symptoms to prevent ourselves from getting infected.

I live in Florida where the weather is hot and humid. However, these past few weeks, there has been a sudden change of temperature and the air has become very chilly. When I got out of class last week, I felt very tired and feverish. I knew I haven't been getting enough sleep and food lately so my immune system is not as strong. Instead of taking medication, I decided to try the Respiratory Guard lozenges (twice daily). The sample given to me contained fourteen lozenges which is good for one week. They are made of elderberry which has a very mild flavor. Elderberry is said to be rich in phenolic and polyphenolic compounds which is an anti-oxidant and boosts one's immune system.

I am glad I took Respiratory Guard because I haven't felt any flu-like symptoms after that. Of course, it also helps that I do not abuse my body by endulging in unhealthy habits. I do not smoke, drink and am careful with the kind of food I eat. I also do not stay out late at night going to crowded places. Respiratory Guard is a natural flu vaccine.

This review is a result of a feedback campaign by Respiratory Guard

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