Saturday, November 7, 2009

God Will Make a Way

When we begin to feel the battle is just too difficult and want to give up,
we must choose to resist negative thoughts
and be determined to rise above our problems.
When we're bombarded with doubt and fears,
we must take a stand and say, "I'll never give up! God's on my side.
He loves me, and He's helping me! I'm going to make it!"


Lisa notes... said...

Such a beautiful song, and the thoughts you added are very encouraging. I trust God will use this song today to minister to all who hear it.

seesawfaith said...

It is easy to see over the mountain if we remember that there is never going to be a situation that God doesn't reign over. It may not be what we want it to be, but it is in His devine hands.

Cathy said...

Beautiful, I love that song and Don Moen's music.


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