Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gentle Shepherd

Being away from my loved ones is very hard especially during tough times. However, in spite of the numerous trials I face, I know God is with me through the people who continue to reach out and encourage me. Their prayers and advices give me strength and comfort.

The song I've chosen this week tells of our wonderful Shepherd who is there to lead us. As long as we continue to trust in Him, we are in good hands.

A blessed Sabbath to everyone.


Rocky Garcia said...

That's the time that your love for each other will be tested, when both of you were far from each other.

ramica ideas said...

love was a greatest gift from god...this blog was very interesting looking forward for a bloglink exchange...

daylily777 said...

Yes, Jesus is our shepherd who can help us. I pray he gives you strength & comfort during this trying time of separation.

Cathy said...

Beautiful, I love the harmonizing. Thank you, our sweet, Jesus, gentle shepherd for your guidance.

A Gracious Home said...

A great quartet. I listen to them a lot. Thanks for sharing, Doylene


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