Saturday, October 3, 2009

Your Car and You

Psychologists say that a person's vehicle of choice is a reflection of his personality. For instance, if you prefer an SUV, it shows your need for adventure; an ultra luxury brand shows a need for status and uniqueness; a four-door sedan says about practicality and nurturance; muscle cars shows a person's impulse control; hybrid shows character, doing the right thing, and having the fear of judgment; a compact car speaks about a person's need for rationality and character.

People have their own set of criteria in choosing their vehicles, like engine size, transmission type or trunk space. I will soon be buying my own vehicle and although I am not sure yet what brand and make to buy, I prefer one which is roomy, and I am inclined towards buying an SUV, although one that is smaller than that owned by my hubby.

One criteria that is common in every car owner when looking for a car is style and design. Every person wants his vehicle to have a personalized look that sets it apart from other cars of the same kind. One way to accomplish this is by installing billet grilles. Of course, the grille helps in the cooling of the engine compartment, but it also contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. The key is choosing one that best suits the style and look of your car.

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