Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten Favorite Movie Moments

1. Minsan, Minahal Kita, a Filipino movie, is one of my all-time favorite tearjerkers. This is a story of an emotionally battered wife, Dianne (played by Sharon Cuneta), who found love in Albert (played by Richard Gomez).

The movie's finale: Dianne and Albert (who haven't seen each other for many years) were driving in a busy street of Makati.  They saw each other and their eyes locked. Then, the light turned green and they had to go. The movie ended with Barry Manilow's song, "Somewhere Down the Road". The movie has an open ending..... 

2. The Bridges of Madison County is another all-time favorite. A bored and love-starved Iowa housewife (Meryl Streep) met a National Geographic photographer (Clint Eastwood) who was in Iowa to shoot its covered bridges and a love affair developed between the two.

The "final goodbye" scene between the two lovers is the most poignant part of the movie.

"Oh, no!" The words were inside of me,
"I was wrong, Robert,
I was wrong to say, but I can't go.
Let me tell you again why I can't go.
Tell me again why I should go."
I heard his voice coming back to me:
"This kind of certainty comes
but once in a lifetime."

3. One of my favorite Mr. and Mrs. Smith scenes is the fight scene towards the end of the movie, where Brangelina fought side by side against the bad guys.

4. The ending of The Godfather where Kay (Diane Keaton) was asking Micheal Corleone (Al Pacino) about his involvement with the mob (of course, he denied).

5. The "rain scene" of The Notebook. Very romantic.

6. The scene of Robert de Niro at the opium hall in the finale of the movie, Once Upon a Time in America. This is a mob movie with a heart.

7. Milan, another Filipino movie, tells about the plight of Filipinos working in Italy. I can relate with some of these scenes because I, too, have experienced how hard it is to be in a foreign country; however, we Filipinos always stick to each other and that eases the difficulties of being away from home.  The movie stars Claudine Barretto and Papa Piolo. <3

8. My Cousin, Vinny is a FUNNY movie from beginning to end. All the scenes are hilarious. Here's a sample:

9. My most memorable Hero scene is the one with Jet Li walking away butt-naked (his muscular booty is soooo cute). Unfortunately, I cannot find a video of that particular scene.

10. La Visa Loca, starring Philippine movie's Bad Boy, Robin Padilla, is a story of a limo service driver and certified nursing aid/caregiver who dreams of getting a visa to go to the U.S.   I can't pick a particular favorite scene because they are all hilarious. This movie makes fun of the Filipino dream of coming to America.

I have a few more favorites, like Kill Bill. Unfortunately, I am only asked to name ten. :)


The Kano said...

Enoyed visiting your site, "Hero" is one of my favorites, also. Sounds like my Filipina wife and you have traded places. We recently moved from Illinois to my wife's home in Guimara,near Iloilo, here in the Philippines. Great site. Salamat!

Judi said...

I was concerned The Bridges of Madison County could not be translated from book to screen; however, it was a pleasant surprise. The scene you mentioned was one of its best.

Anonymous said...

Hello! If not busy, I truly enjoyed visiting your site, learning about many things. "The Notebook is one of my favorites too coz love is so real. It's very romantic and relates that when love is true, fate, by whatever means, will fulfill it. . .

Thess said...

I think I saw that Sharon-Richard movie.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

"the notebook" naalala ko ang mom-in-law ko isa yan sa mga favorite nya...gusto nya ulit panoorin kasama ako...di ko pa kc napapanood yan...i'm sure maganda yan ^_^

Miss Scarlett said...

Bridges of Madison County is a beautiful film - I forgot about that one.

Great choices - I might queue some of these up.


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