Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cuppa Time

Tea, which has its origins in China, has since then spread to other parts of the globe, and has become a popular beverage not only in the Orient but in Europe and the United States as well, as more and more people are inclined towards a healthier lifestyle.

Tea comes in different types and flavor.  I like to try different kinds of herbal and flavored tea.  My favorites include peppermint and chamomile, which gives me a soothing feeling especially after a full meal or whether I am tired and just need to relax.

For tea lovers like me who do not have much time to go to the store and find it more convenient to shop through the internet, there is an online tea store where one can find different types, varieties and brands of tea, all at a very reasonable price.  The store carries 100 types of tea, which include decaffeinated, fruit flavored, herbal, organic loose leaf teas, mint, breakfast, afternoon, chai, darjeeling, green, British favorites, spiced and Christmas tea, and a lot more.  They also carry many popular brands of tea, and their own brand of tea, which is of high quality.

The store also carries a wide selection of biscuits, cookies and cakes that goes well with your tea, at any time of the day.  From buttery shortbread, coconut crumbles, viennese whirls, ginger crunch to English cakes, puddings, fruit cakes - there are a lot to choose from.  Christmas is around the corner and if you are thinking holiday goodies like  Christmas candy and Christmas cakes,  you might love what they have.

Tea quenches tea and thirst.
-Jeanine Larmoth and Charlotte Turgeon

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Lindz said...

I love tea especially with cakes and cookies... hi Ms Ray kumusta na? been a while


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