Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Beauty and the Horse

I like watching equestrians perform their routines, especially the female riders. They look pretty, regal and confident, sitting straight, their faces bereft of any expression, while the horses jump over a series of obstacles.

I guess what makes these riders attractive aside from their graceful movements is how they dress themselves up- from the helmets, jackets, shirts, gloves, to their breeches and boots, and even the way the ladies arrange their hair. Having the right equestrian apparel contributes to the rider's overall appearance.


Romancing Italy said...

Lovely photo. I agree it is a beautiful sight. The horse too has its mane and tail groomed and braided. They are graceful and amazing creatures to begin with.

Ann said...

That is a beautiful photo. There is something about the way they are dressed that looks so elegant.


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