Friday, September 11, 2009

'You Need to Lose Weight"

My cardiologist has advised me to lose weight. Apparently, my weight (I gained thirty pounds in a span of two years since coming to America ) is one of the contributory causes of my high blood pressure. As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I have been trying to lose weight. In fact, my husband tried to "bribe" me by offering a "bet" of $1,000 shopping money if I lose thirty pounds by September 10. We also agreed that I should pay him $100 if I do not lose half of it by August 25. He tested my self control by buying me all the food that I want, regardless of whether it was carb laden or not. It did not help, too, that we were always dining out or partying. That, too, wrecked havoc on my diet.

Of course, I lost the bet and also owe hubby $100. And now, for medical reasons, I need to shed off pounds. My doctor advised that I stay away from food rich in carbohydrates and limit my fat intake to 5 grams. I was also advised to engage in regular exericse (I have been walking and swimming).

I do not lose weight easily so I wonder if there are weight loss supplements available that can safely aid in my weight loss mission. There are a lot being sold in stores, each promising to be the best weight loss supplement. I wonder which one is really the best.

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