Monday, September 28, 2009

A Sad Day for My Country

During the weekend, Typhoon Ondoy (international name "Ketsana") flooded the Philippines (badly hit was Metro Manila and surrounding areas) with a month's worth of rain that fell in just 6 hours. According to reports, it dumped an average of 2.24 inches of water per hour for 6 hours, compared to Hurricane Katrina which dumped over an inch of rainfall in Louisiana for 3 hours and another 0.5 inches per hour over the next 5 hours. In a span of 24 hours, it dropped about 455 mm. of rain compared to 250 mm. caused by Katrina.

Lives and property were lost. There are still people missing. My country, poor as she is, is in need of help (food, medicine, clothing, among others). I am glad that my family who lives in another island (Western Visayas) has been spared of this tragedy. However, it still breaks my heart that a lot of my countrymen are suffering brought about by this calamity.

Please remember them in your prayers. If you can, send them your help.


Sita said...

Here in Toronto, we have a very large Filipino community who are grieving...

Judi said...

Sending positive thoughts and energy your way.


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