Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Quiet Weekend

Our Weekend Memoirs

There was nothing extraordinary about my weekend. On Saturday morning, hubby and went to search for the nearest SDA church to where we live. We found one about seventeen minutes away (make it thirty minutes if I am the one driving. LOL!). In the afternoon, we went shopping for swimming pool accessories and bought two floating lounges, air pump and an underwater light starship (a disco ball that floats and gives out 10 different rotating light shows). We also went to Barnes and Nobles and bought a board game. After which, we did our weekly grocery shopping. After we were done doing our shopping errands, we just hanged out at home, had barbecue and watched the Yankees game in the evening.

While resting at home on Saturday afternoon, I chanced upon Mr. Iguana in our backyard. This is second time that I saw an iguana in our small garden near the pool. Here he is:

Today was a beautiful sunny day so hubby and I decided to spend the afternoon in the pool.

That is me enjoying my lava flow.

Behind our house is a lake (man-made). Since it was a sunny Sunday, there were small boys from the neighborhood who were fishing. After they left, the ducks came out to enjoy the waters.


Willa said...

We live along Detroit River and watching the ducks swim is one of our favorite activity whenever we go to the nearby park, we'll surely miss them since they started flying south for winter.

Unknown said...

Looks like you are enjoying life. That is a very good thing.
I am good...I have been very busy. I am in the middle of moving back home. All of my family is in Canada and I have just been blessed with a new grandson and I am finding it to far to be able to share life with them.
So I will be relocating back to Canada at the end of October.
I have lived the Florida life for 6 years and I am ready to go back home :)

Home is most certainly where the heart is....that is fact :)

Romancing Italy said...

Aah, the tropics! When I was visiting mexico, I left my room and found an incredibly large and very majestic looking iguana "guarding" the stairwell. I took photos then rethought the tales my friends used to tell me as a kid...that if they run across your foot you will die within 24 hours.

Ina Rapada said...

Hi there, sorry for the off-topic. I changed my links and I've re-linked you to I hope you link me too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Aren't quiet weekends the greatest? :)

Thanks for visiting my blog msray... yours looks like a lot of fun, hopefully I will see you around more often.

Ebie said...

Sometimes quiet moments are the fun and the most memorable times. Enjoy!

Mrs. Stevenson said...

sarap magbabad hehehe! nag uulan na d2 sa texas lol.


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