Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Not So Happy Birthday

On Wednesday, the 15th of September, I turned a year older.

For as long as I could remember, my birthdays have always been a joyous occasion. My mother and my late grandmother would prepare something special, and there would be a small get-together at home complete with a birthday cake. At work, we would also hold a party.

And then I left the Philippines in April 2007. This is my third birthday away from home. Since then, my birthdays were no longer a "happy birthday." They would still celebrate my birthday back home which makes me glad but at the same time sad that I am no longer there to celebrate it with them.

On my birthday this year, my mother invited some friends in church for a little celebration at home. I was also informed by my friend at work, Hazel, that they had drinks, ice cream, snacks at the office.

Even though my birthday here was replete with nothing but sadness, I am touched by the greetings I received from my friends, cousins, former co-workers, classmates and students. The textmessages, emails and messages at Facebook and Friendster just kept on coming.

Life away from my loved ones is tough but I have to be strong. "I will let hot fires forge me into a strong piece of metal."


Ebie said...

Ms. Rayri, a belated Happy Birthday. (Not in to FB & Friendster). You may be away from home but you are surrounded with your friends and love ones, that will ease up the homesickness. Be well, and celebrate big!

MsRay said...

Thank you, Ebie! Friends like you are my source of encouragement. You know that :)

fortuitous faery said...

belated happy birthday!

i have yet to get your new address there in the sunshine state!

tina said...

Belated happy birthday, MsRay!


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