Friday, September 4, 2009

Having Trouble Losing Weight?

I have a hard time losing weight. Why? Maybe it is because I have a healthy appetite for carb laden goodies, I seldom exercise, and maybe, I have a slow metabolism. I know I easily gain weight, but it takes me a long time to lose it.

Gym and aerobics are not my cup of tea and, although I no longer have the opportunity to engage in my favorite sports (badminton, bowling and kickboxing) since coming to the U.S., I have come to enjoy lap swimming, briskwalking and biking. Also, I am glad that since we transferred to our new place here in Florida, hubby and I have been going out dancing frequently. I just love to dance.

When I set my heart into it, I can be serious about diet and exercise. However, like many other women who have slow metabolism, I do not lose weight easily. Yesterday, I read about Stimerex ES. It is a combination of natural herbs and lipotropics which is supposed to help burn calories and fat, and at the same time regulate one's appetite and control sugar cravings. It is not just a fat burner and an appetite regulator, but also works as a natural diuretic and an energy booster, as well. It just might be the answer to those of us who have trouble losing weight.

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