Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weight Loss Tips, Anyone?

I am trying to lose weight and it is not easy. I already cut my carb intake and briskwalk for exercise, and although I have lost a few pounds in a week, I am not really very ecstatic about the results. I have a slow metabolism so it will take more effort on my part before I achieve the desired results.

There are numerous programs available for those who want to lose weight and I have looked into a couple of them. They all offer promising results. Except for one program which I have seriously followed, and which really worked for me in the past, the rest are either too expensive or deemed to be unsafe.

Those who are on a weight loss mission, like myself, should be open to weight loss tips but at the same time must exercise caution and diligence in finding out which one works and which one does not.

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Unknown said...

Let me know how your weight loss program goes. I have the same mission too. I started this August. I exercise (run, engage in kick-boxing at home, taebo sessions and have been using the stairs instead of the lift) four times in a week but not longer than 45 minutes. I only check the scale every Friday morning and chart my progress. I also keep a journal of my intakes including those extra jams, ketchups, sugar and mayonnaise. Yup, everything is recorded. Let's see how it goes. We'll keep each other posted, ok?

Good luck to us and to good health!!! We can do this MsRay!!! Yes we can!


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