Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday at Waikiki

Our Weekend Memoirs

One Sunday afternoon I went to Waikiki to meet Hazel who was visiting Hawaii with her husband. I was introduced to Hazel here in blogosphere and when she came to Aloha State, I decide it was time we meet in person.

Statute of Queen Kapiolani at the park

Statue of a surfer beside Waikiki Beach

U.S. and Hawaiian flags displayed in one of the inns

Signs displayed at the sidewalk

Hazel and MsRay


LawReal said...

i'm confused...right now, you live in Hawaii or Florida?

Arlene said...

I would love that NO CLOTHES BEYOND THIS POINT signage! hahaha. Great for bedrooms!

Hi there, Ms. Ray. Do you know Sir Val Moralde? He mentioned you to me last week. He asks if i knew you from Bacolod. I said no although the family name is very very familiar. Then thinking again and again i thought of you and your blog so i mentioned to him i bump into you in the blogosphere. They are now in Nashville, Tenn. Kagamay lang gid diay sa kalibutan. :)

Thanks for joining us this week.


Dinesh said...

Nice blog and photo's.


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