Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Swim Harness

Banabear and I love to swim laps; therefore, when we moved to Florida and house-hunted around Broward County, one of his primary considerations in choosing a house was a swimming pool.

We love our backyard pool at our new place in Coconut Creek. However, it is small and we cannot do long laps with gusto. The other day, banabear installed the swim harness which he ordered online three weeks ago. This is designed to eliminate the hassle of making frequent turns when swimming laps in small pools. It is an elongated plastic braided cord attached on one end to a stretchable cord which banabear connected to the ceiling of the patio directly adjacent to the pool, and on the other end to a belt tied around the waist of the swimmer. The swim harness allows us to swim in place for as long as we can.

Yesterday, I tried the swim harness but since it is not much fun swimming in place, after a few minutes, I opted to swim back and forth the pool.

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LawReal said...

wow sarap naman, you've got a nice new place indeed, i hope i can visit you there one day :)


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