Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Weekend Years Ago

Our Weekend Memoirs

These old photos of my baby, Nathan and his sister, Rozene, were some of the few photos I brought with me when I left for the U.S.

These were taken at the boating lagoon of Mambukal Mountain Resort, a tourist destination in my home province, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Our weekend getaway at Mambukal (together with nanay and our helper) hold fond memories of my loved ones.


Inday said...

Sweet memories back home you have. I tried to embiggen. Anyway, the photos at home away from home do look beautiful and peaceful. You sure did have good time together.

I like your header.

Unknown said...

wonderful photos. i've been to Mambucal 2 years ago during my vacation. The governor who passed away about 2 years ago did a good job at Mambucal. My cousins say it looks a lot better now than a decade ago. I have posted photos of my visit to Mambucal here.

I've posted my first Weekend Memoirs...hope you could drop by.

Arlene said...

Nice weekend get away and these photos also reminds me of great weekends in Mambucal. Been there twice long time ago.

Thank you so much for joining us this week.

Btw, do you live around Taculing? Feeling ko lang basin kit-anay na kita didto. Did you attend church at BAC? I worked at BSH as Admin sec (1995-1997)

Willa said...

beautiful places,lovely families, sweet memories!!!

LawReal said...

your daughter looks beautiful just like her mom i'm sure :)

Ebie said...

Ah, fond memories, make us really homesick! I've bee to Mambucal a long time ago and have not come back. My sister said that it has been developed very well. Great memories!


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