Friday, August 21, 2009

On Home Maintenance

We moved to our home in Coconut Creek on August 1 although it was not until August 3 and 4 that our things in storage were delivered. It is now August 21 but we've managed to finish only about 75% percent of the work around the house. We still have a few boxes to open, we need some new furniture and our home decors have not been put up yet. Right now, I am halfway through with my library and hubby is still working with his office downstairs. The garage is also a major task and I hope he's able to finish it soon.

After we are done putting all the rooms in order, my next major task is to clean the floor. The previous resident had the house cleaned before we moved in but I am not very satisfied about it although I am happy that they had the carpet upstairs steamwashed.

I am glad that we have porcelain tile floor downstairs for the foyer, living room, family room, dining room and kitchen. They are harder and denser than many ceramic tiles and, therefore, can withstand heavy loads. Aside from being stronger and long-lasting, porcelain tiles have low water absorption so they are stain resistant. They are also resistant to harsh cleaning products, scratches and fading, and are, therefore, easy to maintain and clean. It is not easy cleaning a two-story, five bedroom house but having porcelain tile flooring on the ground floor makes my task lighter.

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