Thursday, August 27, 2009

Drive in Style

My former boss back in the Philippines loves collecting cars. And he takes good care of every car that he owns. One favorite in his collection is an antique Mercedez Benz sports car. It was already several years old when he bought it but he had it beautified and refurbished and made it look sparkling brand new. When he's on the road in his green Cheding (our nickname for his Benz), he always get a second look from people who admire his car.

When Benz first came out with Musso, he was one of the first to own in our city. However, he was not contented with the car's original accessories and had some of them changed into chrome accessories. It made his vehicle looked flashy, stylish and attractive. The little things that he changed like the handles, side mirrors and other objects made a big difference in the car's over all look.

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