Monday, August 10, 2009

Back in Blogosphere

After a week of hibernation, I am back in blogosphere.

We transferred to our new home in Coconut Creek on August 1 and since then I have been very busy unpacking and putting the house in order. Last Tuesday, the movers delivered the last of the crates and from then on I was, literally, so sore and very tired to do some blogging after working around the house the whole day. As of today, I am not even halfway finished. So far, I am 98% done with the kitchen, 95% with the dining room and 80% with the living room. Banabear is in charge of the family room and he's about 75% finished. We still have 3 bedrooms to work on, the office (he's in-charge of his office), the library (my task), the patio, the garage (his task). After we're done unpacking all the boxes and putting things in order, we still have some decorating to do. Moving to a new home is fun but a lot of work. Hard work. The good thing about our new home is the swimming pool in our backyard where we can take a respite any time of the day. Now, we do not have to go all the way to 24 Hour Fitness to swim laps. Well, 24 Hour Fitness's pool is 25 meters long and ours is just small but banabear bought a swimming harness so that we can do stationery "laps".

When I am not working around the house, I am busy making trips to the store. I also have my on-going two-hour driving lessons. Due to my hectic schedule, I even had to cancel my early morning briskwalking routine.

Yesterday, however, my high school classmate who is now in Aventura spent her day off with us and it gave me a chance to rest from my chores. She became our first house guest and although our house was still a bit in disarray, I was happy that she spent the night with us. I hope she's able to get another day off before she heads back to New York so that we can spend time with her again. Otherwise, we'll just meet in December when I go to New York for Christmas vacation.


fortuitous faery said...

ooooh welcome to your new nest! now i'm tempted to invite myself and crash your pool! haha!

penny said...

My daughter just moved too and she is tired of unpacking boxes and finding a place for everything in a new house...
Good luck to you in your new world.
Be Happy, Pam :D

Unknown said...

Hey Ms. glad to hear that you are finally getting settled in. I love the alternative your partner chose for laps...very goo choice.

Good luck in your new home:)


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