Friday, July 10, 2009

What's for Lunch Today?

I've been on a weight-loss mission for almost twelve days now. "Almost" because there were some days when I went over my carb intake. For example, the other night, I indulged myself to a taco salad after having a hearty but healthy broiled salmon dinner. I am slowly (painfully slow) losing those unwanted pounds although I still have a looooonnnnng way to go before I reach my ideal weight.

When I am on diet, I prefer eating at home when I can prepare my own food. Dining out is just a good excuse to break my diet. When I do the grocery, I am very particular about the amount of carbs in the food I choose, and I make sure that I buy only those which are carb-friendly. I am glad that I can still endulge in my favorite comfort food - chocolate through Carbsmart's chocolate ice cream bar. It may not be as rich and delicious as Haagen Dazs but it is friendly to my abs and thighs.

So what did I prepare for lunch today?

I stir fried some broccoli, red and yellow peppers, carrots, celery, sugar snap peas and tofu (firm) in szechuan sauce.

I also prepared deviled eggs (substituted pepper for paprika).

Juice is pineapple-orange flavored Crystal Light (0 carbs) and dessert is CarbSmart chocolate ice cream bar (3 net grams).

Who says you can't have fun while you're on diet?


jessel said...

hmmmm so yummy, it makes my mouth watered! thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend.

fortuitous faery said...

yum! i love deviled eggs...been a while since i made them! :P

Sarah said...

I love deviled eggs they are delish. We use paprika on ours usually. They look yummy. I need to cut out carbs and stuff but I find it hard. Your doing a good job by the looks of things xx

Jowee said...



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