Friday, July 24, 2009

Personal Injury

Here in the U.S., the trend in law practice is concentration in one or a few specific areas of law. For example, a law firm may choose to handle or specialize only in domestic relations, estate planning, business or corporate law, real estate, labor and employment law, criminal law, immigration, taxation or personal injury, among others.

As more attorneys have chosen to concentrate in a particular field, their level of competence have increased. Clients, therefore, prefer to seek legal assistance from attorneys with greater expertise in a particular field over attorneys with a general knowledge of the law or what we call general practitioners.

My first job in Hawaii was with a personal injury law firm in Honolulu. Our firm handles cases where the client is injured either intentionally or negligently, as well as Workers Compensation claim cases.

There are also a lot of law firms in other states handling personal injury cases. In Tennessee, there is a well-known Morristown personal injury lawyer who has been chosen by the Super Lawyers publication as the Rising Star of the Mid-South. Aside from personal injury, he also handles medical malpractice, birth injury, products liability and Workers Compensation.

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