Monday, July 20, 2009

Motivated to Lose

I am on a weight-loss mission but I end up giving in to my cravings for carb rich goodies when dining out. The Chinese buffet around Broward County is very hard to resist. Last Saturday while we were out shopping for new wardrobe, hubby offered me a very good incentive to lose weight : $1,000 shopping money if I trim down to my old weight of 110 lbs. by September 1. Of course, I agreed to his proposal. Who wouldn't?

The other day, we amended our agreement to extend the period to September 10. In order for me to get that whooping $1,000 reward I need to be seriously careful with my diet and do some exercise. I have a slow metabolism so I wonder if there is an effective fat burner that could help me achieve my desired weight.


Bacolod and Beyond said...

wow, that sounds great, hope you can make it.

God bless

The Astral Cowboy said...

I would recommend giving up wheat, dairy, corn syrup and refined food products and walk at a fast enough pace to increase your heartrate.

Doing those few things just helped a client of mine lose a number of inches off of his waist. His wife gave it a try and has already lost 2 inches.

Just a thought. :D Best of luck.


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