Friday, July 24, 2009


Back in the days when cellular phones were a new technology, most people considered them more of a luxury. Not anymore. Today, they are considered an important gadget, a must for every person- young and old. The cellular phone started out as a simple phone which can be carried anywhere. Today, cellular phones have evolved into a very modern device with such features as SMS, camera, calculator, alarm clock, web browser, organizer, music player, games, personalized ringtone, wallpaper, and a lot more.

Because of the convenience of using a cellular phone, most people have given up their landline phone in favor the the cellphone. Unlike the regular telephone, cellular phones can be carried anywhere; therefore, communication is easy. Cellphones come in handy especially during emergencies or in remote places. Now, it is easy to stay connected with family and friends even when you are several continents away.

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