Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ArtsPark at Young Circle

Located in the 10-acre traffic circle in Downtown Hollywood is ArtsPark. From our condo I can always see children running around the Children's Play Area which has an interactive fountain that spurts water from a concrete plaza with an irregular rhythm at varying heights. Prominent in that area are a colored butterfly sculpture and a mother and child sculpture.

When banabear and I went walking around the park yesterday afternoon, we saw people relaxing, jogging, walking their dogs and a couple doing some exercise routines in the grassy area.

A few meters from the Children's Play Area is the is the Millennium Springs, which interprets the life energy of the baobab tree, considered as one of the oldest and largest trees in the world, a couple of which are planted in the park.

There is a Visual Arts Pavillion, a building which houses studios, exhibition space, room where dance and fitness classes are held. One can also see displayed art (like hand blown vase) by resident artists.

On a clear evening, residents and visitors are treated to a free performance by local bands which we can see and hear from our condo.

At the corner of the circle is an outdoor stage which is venue to free concerts and programs. On this site, the city plans to build a performing arts pavillion and an ampitheater.

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