Thursday, June 11, 2009

Zip Tight. Don't Let the Bed bugs Bite

Since our arrival in South Florida ten days ago, hubby and I have been lodging temporarily while waiting for the date when we can move in to our new home. We are now staying in one of the units of Hillsboro Shores Executive Club in Hillsboro Shores, a quiet oceanfront community in Pompano Beach. Our location is beautiful. Well, not as picture-perfect as the places we've stayed in Hawaii, but I think this is one of the more beautiful places in South Florida. My hubby did an excellent job in finding this place.

Our unit in Hillsboro Shores Executive Club is small but clean. Hubby and I are clean freaks so when looking for a place to stay, cleanliness is of utmost consideration. However, even if a place looks clean, I still take precautionary measures against elements which can create havoc to our bodies.

For instance, bed bugs. When we think about these tiny pests, what usually comes to mind are cheap, rundown motels. However, bed bugs have also been spotted in newer places and even posh hotels. They hide under mattresses, carpets, behind wallpapers or crevices of walls or wooden furnitures like headboards or wall frames. They are nocturnal insects so they usually bite people when they are asleep. These pests also like staying in luggages, bags and even clothing. Travellers who constantly stay in lodging inns or hotels can be bed bug carriers without their knowledge.

I am very happy that during our travel, I discovered BugZip, a bed bug encasement especially designed to protect our luggages and clothes from these unwanted pests. The plastic case comes in four different kinds: drawer liner, garment bag encasement, medium suitcase encasement and large suitcase encasement.

I used the drawer liner to store smaller items like our underwear, handkerchiefs, socks, swimsuits before putting them inside the
drawer. The medium and large suitcase encasements were used to protect our luggages while they are stored away inside the locker. Same with the garment bag encasement.

With BugZip, I am assured that our luggage and clothes are protected in the event that the place we are temporarily staying has been invaded by these tiny pests.

The bugs have a tendency to hide or stick on the sides of the zipper so it is recommended that luggages and/or clothes be removed from the bed bug encasements before leaving the lodging or hotel room and the plastic cases must be disposed rather than reused.

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