Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Which Weight Loss Pill Works?

I am not happy with my weight right now. I have never been this heavy before in my entire life. I am now 30 pounds heavier than my ideal weight. Hubby, who also gained weight, said that we should really be serious about weight management. He wants us to go back on strict diet and exercise, which, by the way, worked effectively for us. Fortunately for hubby, he can go on very long bike rides and sweat it out in the gym. As for me, I can go on bike rides with him but not very fast and I have to choose the safest routes. As for gym, forget it. I am bored working out in machines, even doing aerobics. I prefer engaging in sports activities which I was very active back in the Philippines. I was into streetfighting (which included kickboxing), badminton and bowling. Although hubby's physical condition now prevents him from doing the very physical raquetball, he can still go on extended bike rides and play golf.

I want to know which is the best weight loss pill. Meaning, one that really works. Something that will make me lose weight fast and effectively, but will not put my health at risk. Of course, it also helps if the price is affordable. There are a lot of diet pills sold in the market, but not all of them works, and there are also those which are not safe to take. One must be very careful about it.

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