Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Walk on the Beach

After living in Hawaii for two years (banabear had been residing there for seven years), we have become ocean lovers. I think anybody who had lived in an island which is almost like paradise would feel the same way, too.

Before flying to Florida, banabear searched for places where we could temporarily stay while house hunting and found one a few meters from the beach.

Here are a couple of shots taken during our afternoon walk near our motel, and another set of pics taken at a beach park.

Sunshine pours over my skin
Warms my insides from within
Muscles relaxed under noonday sun
Removes anxiety once began
Limbs flail like a rag doll
Leaves one limp like alcohol

A cool breeze touches my soul
In this place, Playa de Sol
Children cavort in the waves
Oblivious to nights that follow days
Sand castles succumb to tides
Before the sun begins to hide

Moonlit sky directs two lovers
Walking the beach with one another
Red wine warms the two
Before the sky turns to blue
Lone footprints mark the trail
Before fishing boats set sail

Their walk awaits the refrain
Of a breakfast feast of harvest grain
Morning air fills their soul
As they look upon the sandy shore
Another day beckons the two
To count their blessings with life renewed

A Walk on the Beach
by A. Keith Barton


Ria said...

Congrats on your move and hope you'll find a very suitable place to call "home." Hope to see you too when we visit Florida... Maybe next year.

Ria C

Ebie said...

Your first picture almost resembles the header. Good job to you and banabear!

fortuitous faery said...

oooh, you're a short walk from the beach? wow! how's the water? not too cold, i hope? we never went to the beaches when we were in FL. it was all theme park-hopping everyday! :P

Mirabelle said...

Ohh I miss Hawai'i!!! Nice blog :)

T. McAlpine said...

Island life can feel quite isolating at times. Mountains and valleys are better for me.


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