Monday, June 29, 2009

Time for Serious Dieting

Yup, it is time that I seriously do something about my increasing weight (and waistline). The same goes with my banabear. We have been complaining about our rapidly increasing weight. Several times, we've attempted to go back to Atkins Diet (which worked successfully for us before) but ended up breaking our diet after a few days. Between the two of us, he is the more disciplined one. I would always find some alibi here and there to eat the "forbidden" food but I am the first one to complain when I can no longer fit into my clothes.

Well, today, he decided that we get SERIOUS about getting rid of our unwanted fats. He cleaned our cupboard, getting rid of the carb-laden goodies. He also said that we should start doing some exercise. He suggested that we look for the nearest 24 Hour Fitness branch here. I am not really ecstatic about the idea. I am bored about gym. I'd rather do sports than spend time at the treadmill, exercise bikes or the eliptical trainers. Even group aerobics bore me.

Back in the Philippines, I was into streetfighting (which includes kickboxing) and badminton, activities which helped me maintain weight. I was also part of the bowling team. Of course, my food intake then was not as heavy (and as rich).

Well, I'll probably do some walking around the park tomorrow. With SoFla's hot and humid weather, it will be just like I am inside a sauna sweating my fats away.

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Unknown said...

Yikes..where did you find that photo...sad actually that any child is that overweight.

For you my dear...why not start have the beach...awesome in the early hours and a lot of other runners there to keep you safe.
Or get into racket sports...awesome cardio and very good fitness sport:)

Ask me anytime as I am fitness junkie:)


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