Monday, June 29, 2009

Saying "I Do" In Style

A person's wedding day is a very special event in one's life. The bride and groom wants that day to be perfect. Every detail from the theme, color, venue, invitation, ceremony, attire, the decoration, menu, favors, music to the reception and even the minutest detail like the sitting arrangement.

Much attention is given to the bridal gown and how the bride looks during that special day. However, gone are the days when the bride would hug all the spotlight. Today, the groom's attire is given equal importance, too.

In formal weddings, especially in Western countries, grooms are attired in tuxedos. A stylish and well-fitting tuxedo makes an ordinary-looking guy look smart and sophisticated. A groom in a dapper suit and a bride in a beautiful gown are one of the ways to make one's wedding day stand out.


Donald Serrano said...

dito sa pinas, wala nang kasal-kasalan. Leave-in na uso dito. ahaha

LawReal said...

i hope to have a Christian garden wedding dito sa pinas...thanks for approving my ad!


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