Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rainy South Florida

Today is my second day in South Florida.

Yesterday, after an erratic sleeping schedule, we began our "day" at around 4 P.M. by doing an ocular inspection of houses for rent around Pembroke Pines. Unfortunately, the ones in our list (and which we liked) have already been taken. They were in a gated community, huge houses with a pool in the backyard and accessible to the college where I am going to enroll in the Fall.

Today, we met with the realtor at 2:30 PM to get a new list of houses for rent. Banabear wants a 5-6 bedroom house with a pool. Since there are not a lot of houses available in the area of Pembroke Pines, we've decided to expand our choices to include the Coconut Creek area where the North campus of the college is located. Tomorrow, we are going to visit a couple of houses both within the Pembroke Pines and Coconut Creek areas. I hope we'll be able to find a house which banabear likes so that we can move in within this week.

After meeting with the realtor, we stopped by a Chinese buffet restaurant for an early dinner at 4 PM. It was more like a lunch cum dinner because we started our day late. We are still getting acclimated with Florida time so our sleeping schedule is still erratic. Hawaii is 6 hours behind and our bodies are still used to the Aloha time. Before going back to our motel, we stopped by the grocery. Food and goodies are less expensive here in Florida compared to Hawaii. I guess, it is because Aloha State is situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and we have to pay more for the cost of transporting goods to the island.

Unlike Honolulu which has a near-perfect weather, our new home is quite the opposite. It starts to drizzle in the early afternoon which lasts the whole day until morning. It is a bit humid here but it is not really bad compared to the Philippines which is hot and humid even when when it is raining. The time now is 7:26 PM and although the rains have stopped and it is a bit chilly, it looks like it is only late in the afternoon. I can still see a few couples walking towards the beach a few meters from where we stay.

I told banabear that the rainy afternoons here remind me of Kaneohe and Kailua in the windward part of Oahu. Compared to the leeward side (where I resided for almost 2 years) of Oahu where it is hot and dry, the windward side is always raining and cold.

We are now back in our motel room resting and tinkering with our computers. Tomorrow morning, we are going to explore more of our new home.


Ebie said...

Ok, testing one to three, I can comment now.

Joy said...

Hi! It's my habit now visiting your blog because it is very interesting in a way that you share stories on what is life all about in abroad.

It seems, you are a transparent person, humble and intelligent.

I do really love your blog.

Keep it up coz I have so many learned from you and keeps inspiring from it.

Thank you and more power.

Unknown said...

raining in S Florida in June?..
Lived there for a couple of years in Miami and always sunny between May and September with one hr rain break around 1pm...
Good luck with your new home!

Anonymous said...

You arrived in South Florida just as the "rainy season" had started. It had barely rained at all for weeks before that. They (almost) daily rain showers will subside in about a month or so. July & August are especially hot & humid but most of the rest of the year it's pleasant.


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