Friday, June 19, 2009

Outdoor Fun

One of the joys of living in Hawaii was the beautiful, almost perfect, weather. It never got too hot nor too cold, and I had never experienced humidity there. Because of the paradise-like weather we had, hubby and I would sometimes have moonlight dinners or lunches in the lanai to enjoy the cool Hawaiian breeze. When friends would come over for lunch or dinner, they also love to hang out in the lanai.

When we moved to South Florida, one of our primary considerations in choosing a house is the patio and pool. We have found a beautiful place which will be our temporary home for at least a year. It has a swimming pool in the backyard which overlooks a lake. The place is really beautiful. We are excited to move in and start decorating our new place. We brought with us from Hawaii our outdoor dining set which can sit six people. However, we are also thinking of looking for additional outdoor furniture for our new home. Now that we are in the mainland, I think we will have more styles and kinds to choose from at a more affordable price.

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