Friday, June 5, 2009

New Start, New Look

Regular visitors to my blog must have noticed its brand new look. Gone are the Hawaiian girl, white plumerias, tiny hula dancers and other trimmings. Since I am no longer in the Rainbow State and have relocated to the hurricane, er, Sunshine State, I have decided to change my blog's image.

My old blog had long been having problems with the "missing" comment section; so when my good friend Ebie, the blogger behind The Main Ingredient, offered to help "overhaul" my blog, I gladly accepted. Ebie pointed me to websites where I can choose from a variety of free templates. Her daughter, Z, a very talented photographer-artist and blogger of Z Darkroom then applied the lay out I've chosen.

Yesterday, I excitedly stayed up until the wee hours of the morning putting back, and/or rearranging stuff on my blog's layout, and deleting superfluous items which cluttered my old blog.

A HUGE thank you to Ebie and Z, beautiful women blessed with artistic talents and gracious hearts.


Thess said...

and your comments box work now. Yay!

Ebie said...

Your arw welcome, Ms. Ray. I hope you are more comfy with the new set-up.

Dorothy L said...

Hey Ms.R...nice layout.

I live in Daytona is 1 hours drive from Orlando. unfortunately I am going to be in New York City at that time :(

I hope we can get together in the future:)

In any event it would still be nice to hear form you!



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