Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have been rendered incommunicado since Saturday because of lack of internet connection. Banabear and I drove to Orlando early Wednesday morning and we stayed there for three days. When we got back to Hollywood on Saturday afternoon I was very disappointed to discover that I could no longer access the internet from our place. That explains my absence from blogosphere since Saturday.

As I am writing this post, we are back at Orlando to pick up banabear's SUV which was shipped from Honolulu two days before we left for Florida. Right now we are at Starbucks where I am able to get free access in the internet, thank to banabear's Starbucks card. In half an hour, we will be on the road again on a four-hour drive to Hollywood.

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Marizylle said...

Hey gurl,

We're planning to spend a week in Florida, any suggestion please?


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