Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hollywood Beach Broadwalk

Today was a beautiful sunny morning so banabear and I headed to the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. Named as one of the US top ten promenades, Hollywood Beach Broadwalk features a 2-mile long bricklined promenade lining with cafes, small shops, boutique hotels, ice cream shops, restaurants and bars facing the ocean. One can see runners, strollers, rollerbladers and cyclists enjoying the sun and the breeze while some visitors are seated on the sidewalk cafes having breakfast or relaxing while sipping on their tropical drink. There were also a lot of people enjoying themselves on the 7-mile stretch of white-sand beach.

After a short walk, we went to one of the cafes for breakfast. After which, we strolled along the strip, stopping by the small shops. We found a lot of cream colored tropical ala-Tommy Bahama shirts. I've been looking for these kind of shirts while we were still in Hawaii but could hardly find ones that banabear liked and they were also signature labeled shirts and, therefore, expensive. The ones we found at the Broadwalk shops were not only beautifully styled but affordable, too.

At the center of the promenade is the Hollywood Beach Theater where live music, concerts and dancing are being held almost daily, during the evening.

When I was living in Hawaii, the weather was cool (sometimes a bit chilly) so I almost never sweated even after spending the whole day outdoors. Over here, the weather is hot and humid so after about 30 minutes of walking, I was panting and sweating. LOL!

I am excited to go back to the Broadwalk next weekend for the 4th of July celebration.


Caroline said...

I think you meant "Boardwalk" not Broadwalk. Seems like you day's a spent exploring your new home area. Let's me see what's there too. I Like!! And, it looks like the sun is shining. It poured here yesterday during a party w/40 people here. Tell Mark, little Ray said Hello.

MsRay said...

Nope, the place is called Hollywood Beach Broadwalk.

We have our share of stormy days (especially in the afternoon), too, but I like it when it rains because it gets a bit cooler after the rain. I DO NOT like the hot and humid weather here. So unlike the cool weather in Hawaii.

Hey, we'll see you in August.

jeb said...

Hollywood Beach and the Broadwalk is a great place -- if you would like to see some videos of it, I have a video blog where I post videos daily of sunrises, sunsets, the beach, and of course the broadwalk. Click on this link to "Life's a Coast" video blog

Matt said...

We are interested in hosting a race on the Broadwalk. Could you get in touch if interested in helping map out the course?
Help tell us where bathrooms are, parking, and use MapMyRun to choose the route?


jeb said...

Matt: here is an outline to a seven plus mile trek. Park at the beach parking lot at the Dania Beach Pier, then just go south on the back side of the Rennaissance Towers onto North Surf Road, about two miles to the beach broadwalk and that goes about another two miles on South Surf Road. Public rest rooms are at Dania Beach parking lot, at the Turtle Cafe in North Beach Park, just south of the bandshell at Johnson street, and also at the Ramada Inn food court at Hollywood Boulevard. If you wanted a longer trek, start out at Lloyd State Park (instead of DB pier) for a few more miles...


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