Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Green Creature

Banabear and I were lounging at the poolside yesterday morning when he noticed a green creature, about 12 inches in length, walking towards the dock. We do not know what it is but it probably belongs to the lizard family. Can you tell me what this creature is?


Anonymous said...

That is an iguana. They are found in the wild throughout South Florida (though some people also have them as pets) and can grow quite a bit larger than that. Sometimes they are more brown-ish than green. They can swim and also move very quickly when they want to.

Jane said...

Yap that's Iguana alright. My neighbor use to have iguana, their color changes at time, thats right they get so darn big.

sian said...

Love your site-we don't get any creatures like that out our way-thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

LOL...These dudes are so cute. They are natures way of controlling bugs.
I think they are great.

I love the little geckos also...they are cute and friendly:)

nice to see that you are getting acquainted with natures pets Ms. R!

juliana said...

Iguana it is. I saw a lot of them when we went to Aruba.

imelda said...

did you captured the Iguana?

that was very nice


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