Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting Fit

Banabear and I are 24 Hr Fitness members even when we were still residing in Honolulu, so last night, we went to the 24 Hr Fitness club at Coral Springs. It is a huge club, bigger and more complete (they even have a kid's club) than the 24 Hr Fitness clubs we've been going to back in Honolulu. We are especially happy that they have an indoor pool 25 meters in length because we love to do laps. When we transfer to our home in Coconut Creek, the nearest 24 Hr Fitness club would be the one in Coral Springs. We had a pretty good workout last night. We did a couple of laps and called it a night. As I have said before, I am bored about gym activity (I prefer sports activities) but love lap swimming.

I planned to walk around the park across the street this morning but the rains started to pour even before I could change into my walking gear. We also have a pool here at the condo but it's an outdoor pool and with the lightning and thunder accompanying the downpour, banabear says it's not safe to venture out in the rain. I hope the rains will subside so that I can walk around at the park. In the meantime, I'm going to prepare breakfast.


ME said...

letting God handle all my problems.. I dont know what will happens after 30 days...

Thess said...

I love getting in the water too altho I have to wear a floating device. We rarely go to swim nowadays and I missed it this summer.


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