Monday, June 8, 2009

Active Momma

My friend, Vanessa, is a young, hip, cool and active momma. She is due to give birth to her third baby on the third week of June. Unlike other women who had to limit their activities when they became mothers, my friend is able to juggle her time between her motherly duties, nursing school, sports, and our favorite pastime, malling and entertainment.

Before I left for the U.S., we were almost inseparable. When she was not in school and I was not at work, chances are, we were either hanging out in our favorite restaurant, shopping, playing badminton or in front of the "big t.v." During weekends our activities included our little boys, Fitz and Nathan.

Last night, I was looking at different kinds of strollers and I was reminded of Vanessa. The Bob stroller fits her lifestyle to a T. The three-wheeled stroller is equipped with large rear wheels strong enough to withstand rugged terrain so Vanessa can bring the baby with her while she's doing outdoor activities like jogging or brisk walking. It has excellent canopy coverage which gives the child protection from natural elements like the sun and the rain. At the same time, the stroller is easy to maneuver and lightweight, which is perfect for malling and grocery shopping.

If you're an active young momma like my friend, Vanessa, the Bob stroller should be something worth looking into.

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Lindz said...

in my own experience (with two kids already) the three wheels ones are not safe, sure it is fast and a lot of moms I see jogging in the morning with their strollers uses it but it is easy to be knock down and prolong to trip and be knock, I had the very good quality with big wheels it was meant to be durable and they say it's safe but it was not, so I went back to using the four wheels ones which i find much mroe safer... baby's safety is more important to me...


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