Sunday, May 24, 2009

Yummy Sunday: Hawaii's Soul Food

Haleiwa Joe's, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
(fresh ahi in soy-sesame marinade)

World-renowned Island chef Sam Choy calls Poke (pronounced po-keh) as "Hawaii's soul food." Poke which means, "to slice or cut", and usually served as an appetizer, consists of bite-sized pieces of raw, fresh fish mixed with seaweed and kukui nut relish.


Alice Audrey said...

That might take me a little getting used to. Love the bit of green on top. Is that seaweed?

Ladynred said...

This is similar to sushi i guess. looks yummy!

madz said...

Fresh fish? Oh, Ms. Ray, I don't think I can eat this one :(

agent112778 said...

wow, new kinilaw for me

im off to La Union last Weekend and kararating ko lang now
opps sorry im late.serving my Yummy Sunday here


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