Saturday, May 23, 2009

Weight Loss Supplements

Losing weight is a challenge especially for people who love to stuff themselves with carb-laden delights.  I know- because I am one of them.  Two years after coming to America, I've gained 24 pounds which I am determined to lose.  I told my husband who also gained weight that we should seriously work on shedding our unwanted pounds.  

Aside from diet and exercise, dietary supplements aid people in losing excess weight.  However, not all weight loss supplements available in the market are effective  and/or reliable.  Some could even be dangerous to one's health.  A person contemplating on taking dietary pills should make sure he is taking the best weight loss supplements.

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Lindz said...

ahh well, basta ako give up na hehehe.... though hindi daw naman ako mukang mataba but i feel it, also because of my age too... over 40 eh simply hindi na the same as when I was in my 20's or even when I was 30's


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