Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walking in God's Will

We read God's Word and profess that we follow His will,  but we do so willingly when things are going our way.  What about those times when things go rough?  Do we still act as children of God or do we succumb to the things of the world ?

It is not always easy to follow God.  I try hard to be an obedient child but I do not always succeed.  God Himself said that following Him is not easy.  However,  His Word can make a difference in our lives if we allow Him to enter our hearts and our minds.  We may tell our spouses that we love them, but if we keep on doing things that hurt them, then our words are useless.  As they say, "talk is cheap" and "actions speak louder than words".  If we really love a person, we'll do what we can not to hurt them.  Same with the Lord.  If we love Him, we should follow His Word.

If we do not follow God's Word, how can we say we have faith in Him?  How deep is our faith?  The Bible admonishes His children to fill their minds with things that are pure, things that are true, things that are honorable.  However, when one doesn't feel loved by his or her spouse,  is it a valid excuse to think about having extramarital relations?  One-night stand?  Fooling around behind the spouse's back?  

Let us take time to evaluate our lives.  Do our actions reflect the will of the Lord?  If we truly love God, we should try to obey His Word and walk in accordance with His Will.

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