Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank You, Lord, For My Friends

People come into our life disguised as angels, and sometimes angels come into our life disguised as people.  It is possible to see God anywhere.  All it takes are open eyes and ears and the willingness to see miracles.  They are everywhere.  God is as available as we are.  Having friends that inspire us to rise to higher and greater levels is an awesome gift.  Surround yourself with people that inspire you to do better and inspire your friends as well.  It is a profound truth that people we hang out will shape the path that we travel.

My life away from home has been very tough but I give thanks to the Lord for blessing me with wonderful friends who are always there for me in times of need.   Old and new friends who lift me up, pray for me, and who boost my morale during those times when I have lost the will to go on.  They are my voice of reason and my prayer warriors.   I would not have survived my life here in the U.S. without the help of these persons I call my friends.

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