Saturday, April 18, 2009

Travelling with Convenience

My hubby and I have learned how to travel light, i.e., bring only the bare essentials instead of packing the whole contents of our closet.  We are electronic junkies so included in our necessities are our respective laptops (including the accessories), cameras (and accessories), battery chargers for mobile phones and cameras, hubby's headset and, if we're travelling out of state, our respective dvd players. I used to pack my "carry on" stuff in a large backpack but it became very uncomfortable and heavy and I had to switch to my computer bag.  However, there was not enough room in my bag to carry all my gadgets.

Now, he's buying me a carry on wheeled luggage which can hold more stuff than my earlier bags.  The safe maximum legal size for a carry on is 45" (22" x 14" x 9").  Travellers must be careful about not going over the allowable size limits or run the risk of being forced to "gate-check" a  valuable item they hoped to carry with them onto the plane.  

I've been looking around for different styles of carry on wheeled luggages  and I prefer those with many pockets and dividers.  One of those I like is a Samsonite luggage.

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